Can I plant strawberries in pots?

Answer Strawberries are usually grown in long rows. This method not only takes up a lot of space, but also requires more time and maintenance. Growing strawberries in pots is an easy alternative.Types of ... Read More »

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How many seeds from a packet for vegetables and herbs should I plant in the individual plant starter pots?

Always plant 2-3 seeds per cell. Sometimes one of the seeds will not germinate, this way you still have at least one coming up. After they have grown a couple of weeks, pick the best one and snipe ... Read More »

When should you plant strawberries?

On One Hand: June BearingThe most common type of strawberries grown are known as June bearing strawberries. They should be planted in the early spring as soon as your garden area is soft enough to ... Read More »

How to Plant Strawberries in Missouri?

Although Missouri is not the ideal growing zone for strawberries, it is possible to grow healthy plants if the correct procedures are followed. Ideal varieties for Missouri include: Sparkle, Surecr... Read More »

How many strawberries does one plant yield?

During the first year, a strawberry plant can yield or produce up to one quart of fruit. During the second and third years of fruiting, the amount of strawberries declines, and new plants should be... Read More »