Can I plant grass with lime?

Answer Lime is used to neutralize overly acidic lawn soil which has been leached of its alkaline constituents, magnesium and calcium. Acidic soil is often referred to as "sour"; lime is said to help "swe... Read More »

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How do I use lime on grass lawns?

Test the SoilTake or send in a sample of your soil to your local county extension office for analysis to learn the type of lime your grass lawn needs and the proper amount you should apply. Dolomit... Read More »

Can you sow lime& grass seed at the same time?

You can sow grass seed and amend the soil with lime the same day. You will need to till the lime into the soil first, then throw down the grass seed and rake a layer of soil over it.References:Rod'... Read More »

When to Apply Lime to Zoysia Grass?

Zoysia is often used as a residential grass lawn because it is drought resistant, requires little fertilization and is slow growing. It does not do well in areas with extreme temperatures, and look... Read More »

What is a lemon lime plant?

A beautiful, showy plant with lemon- and lime-colored, striped leaves, the lemon lime plant is an indoor plant that adds color to any room in the house.IdentificationThe lemon lime plant is actual... Read More »