Can I plant grass with lime?

Answer Lime is used to neutralize overly acidic lawn soil which has been leached of its alkaline constituents, magnesium and calcium. Acidic soil is often referred to as "sour"; lime is said to help "swe... Read More »

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How to Plant Bermuda With Rye Grass?

If you live in a dry, humid area, chances are good that you have trouble getting regular grass to grow in your yard. For a lush, green lawn all year long, even in the hottest locations, the best ap... Read More »

How to Plant Grass on Lawn With Weeds?

If your lawn has developed weeds or unwanted grass varieties, address the weed problem before you plant more grass. This prevents weeds from getting worse and sets you on a path to preventing weeds... Read More »

Can you plant St. Augustine with centipede grass?

Although St. Augustine grass and centipede grass both are warm-season grasses popular in Florida, they should not be planted together. St. Augustine is much less cold tolerant and is at risk if tem... Read More »

How do I use lime on grass lawns?

Test the SoilTake or send in a sample of your soil to your local county extension office for analysis to learn the type of lime your grass lawn needs and the proper amount you should apply. Dolomit... Read More »