Can I plant a hibiscus outside?

Answer Hibiscus, a tropical plant, does well in warm climates where temperatures rarely drop below 50 degrees F. If you live in such a climate, you can plant your hibiscus outside. In colder climates, hib... Read More »

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How to Plant Hibiscus?

Hibiscus is grown in warmer climates for its showy flowers, from spring to autumn. The large blooms can be up to a foot wide and attract butterflies and hummingbirds to a garden. There are about 20... Read More »

Uses for the Hibiscus Plant?

Hibiscus plants have been used as sources of food, medicine, as decorations, in textiles and for experimental and ornamental purposes. From the fragrant flowers to the seeds and leaves the hibiscus... Read More »

How to Plant a Cranberry Hibiscus?

Hibiscus plants are available in many different species and in red, pink, orange and white. The cranberry hibiscus (hibiscus acetosella) is also commonly called the roselle and the maroon mallow. A... Read More »

How Close Can I Plant Hibiscus?

The hibiscus is a popular tropical shrub grown by gardeners in warm climates and as a container plant that can be brought indoors in colder climates. Hibiscus plantings can form hedges or be used i... Read More »