Can I plant a cutting from a cherry tree?

Answer You can plant a cutting from a cherry tree, but cherries are often more difficult to grow from cuttings than other fruit trees. An inexperienced gardener may have better success with planting a pur... Read More »

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How to Propagate a Rubber Tree Plant From a Cutting?

Rubber plants are native to the tropical regions of southeast Asia and properly identified by their Latin name, Ficus elastica. They will only survive outdoors in U.S. Department of Agriculture pla... Read More »

Is a cherry a plant or a tree?…

How do you grow a cherry tree from the seed of a cherry?

Put a cherry pit in the ground and water it regularly. Some kind of organic fertilizer might be helpful as well.

How do i plant a fruiting cherry tree?

LocationFind and inspect the area where you plan to plant the cherry tree. Some cherry trees may grow to be 30 feet tall, so they must be planted at least 18 feet apart from other trees. Cherry tre... Read More »