Can I place Internet and cable TV cable side by side?

Answer You definitely can, without a doubt.Cable TV uses shielded coaxial cables, so no interference will be caused.For internet also, no disturbance will be seen.Using a good splitter for internet is alw... Read More »

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I can only hear 1 side of the earphones the other side i keep moving the cable until i hear it.?

Sorry you'll have to buy new ones, the copper wires have broken, you'll need new ones.

Which side of a USB cable is the A end& which is the B?

The "A" end of a USB, or "Universal Serial Bus," cable is flat and always faces "upstream" toward a host or hub, while the "B" end is square and faces "downstream" toward a device.References:Beyon... Read More »

Which end of a firewire cable does the RF side go to?

Standard number 1394 from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers notes that both ends of an IEEE 1394 cable, also known as a firewire cable, should feature the same connectors. For t... Read More »

I'm moving the TV/sat to the other side of the room but the extension cable i got don't work it any ideas?

buy some cable and get RG-6 not RG-51 i ddi that when i moved my tv RG 51 is not the best cable to get for a satelitei had to get RG-6 it is much thicker