Can I patent someone else's invention in a different country?

Answer When a person patents an idea in his native country, he only obtains patent rights in that state. You can patent someone's invention in another country, but international law gives certain protecti... Read More »

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How do I patent an invention?

Inventors of innovative devices file with the United States Patent Office to protect their ideas from competitors. A patent application must completely detail the elements of your invention and you... Read More »

How can I patent a new invention?

A patent for a new invention grants property rights to the inventor, usually for 20 years, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). It gives the patent holder the legal right to ... Read More »

How can i patent an invention?

When you feel like you have an idea worth protecting, your first thought may be to get a patent on it. You can choose to sell those rights to a company and make money on your invention by allowing ... Read More »

How to Patent an Invention?

You have come up with a brilliant idea! It could be revolutionary for a particular niche. Now you want to protect your idea, so that you can make money from it. What do you need to do?