Can I paint oil-based polyurethane over water-based?

Answer With preliminary preparation, a coat of oil-based polyurethane can be applied over its water-based equivalent, as long as the original coat has cured for at least 30 to 60 days. Before applying the... Read More »

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Can I use Water based polyurethane over flat wall paint?

No. Poly and paint are incompatible. Instead use liquid floor wax. It's easier to work with and will give you a longer lasting surface that doesn't stick to paPer when wet. You can continue to re c... Read More »

Is polyurethane paint oil based or latex based?

According to the New York Department of Transportation, polyurethane paint is neither oil or latex based. The film forming component in polyurethane paint is isocyanate, which reacts with moisture ... Read More »

Can you use water-based latex paint over an oil-based primer?

You can use water-based latex paint over an oil-based primer. This combination can be used when painting indoors or out. However, when painting latex over oil-based primer indoors, make sure all ... Read More »

What would be a common solvent for oil based paint and water based paint?