Can I paint my side of my neighbor's fence?

Answer On One Hand: Not if It's on Your Neighbor's PropertyYou cannot paint the fence if it is on your neighbor's property. That is considered vandalism in accordance with Illinois State Law article 21, s... Read More »

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Do I install my fence posts on my side or my neighbors?

It's common practice to install fence posts on the homeowner's side of the yard. This is so people looking at the fence will only see the slats and not what helps keep it up. Alternatively, you can... Read More »

When installing a chain link fence between properties does the post go on your side or your neighbors?

Answer Usually the posts go on the side of the fence of the person installing it. This is especially true if you build a wooden fence. If the post are on the neighbors side then their kids could b... Read More »

I Live in row of houses,fence each side of gaeden,dispute with neighbour which side of fence belongs to whom?

if the posts are on your side, it's your fence.If there is a dispute, get the measuring tape out. Sometimes the front of the fence will be EXACTLY on the boundary line. In other words , the entire ... Read More »

Can i paint the neighbour's fence facing my side without asking his permission?

If it's his fence, then it's on his property and therefore, no you can't.