Can I paint my ATV wheels?

Answer ATV users can paint their ATV wheels with car rim paint or simple spray paint. These paints are widely available in stores such as Walmart. Before painting, ATV owners should sand the wheel rims an... Read More »

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How to Paint Mag Wheels?

Mag wheels are automotive wheels built using a magnesium alloy that leaves the wheels lighter than other types while retaining strength throughout the wheel body. Due to the look of most mag wheels... Read More »

How to Paint Auto Wheels?

Painting a car's wheels is one way to give it a unique look. You might also want to match the car color, hide chrome that has seen better days, or restore wheels to their original condition. Painti... Read More »

Can you paint chrome wheels?

Chrome plating is a hard durable finish that is applied to a lot of automotive parts. Chrome looks great when it's in good shape and with its deep, mirror-like shine it's used to make a vehicle's e... Read More »

How to Paint Factory Wheels?

Painting factory wheels is an inexpensive alternative to buying new wheels or rims. Wheels, not tires, can be painted to restore the original look, repair scratches or give wheels a new look. Paint... Read More »