Can I mount a GoPro on a wood surface using the suction cup mount?

Answer Hello!You could try it. The suction cup best works for a glass surface and a clean surface.

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Will the GoPro Hero3 connect to the GoPro wrist mount and is the mount any good for surfing?

Don't bother with the wrist mount. The GoPro is a great camera, and it takes great video... but just mount it on your board. I think you will have trouble paddling with it strapped on your wrist, a... Read More »

GoPro jet ski mount HELP?

You would probably have to go with a strap mount - using the vent hole in the helmet.

What gopro mount to use?

Are you willing to lose a $300 camera? You're going to need more than just the headstrap if you want to keep using the camera after your surfing session.

GoPro jet ski helmet mount HELP?

I would use one of the adhesive mounts. They are tough and waterproof. When done, it takes patience but they can be removed. I warm the area in the sun or with a hair drier, then use a plastic kitc... Read More »