Can I mix flour and water WITHOUT yeast to make pizza dough?

Answer YEAST-FREE PIZZA DOUGH 2 cups all purpose flour2 tsp. baking powder1/2 tsp. salt2/3 cup milk6 tbsp. olive oilMaking pizza dough the traditional way using yeast takes some planning so the dough can... Read More »

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Can I make pizza dough from flour only?

Pizza dough cannot be made only with flour. Pizza dough requires yeast in order to rise, and most recipes call for some combination of flour, salt, water and olive oil.Source:Anna Maria: Basic Pizz... Read More »

Can you make pizza dough with brown rice flour?

Instead of using two cups of white flour in your pizza dough, you can use 2/3 cups of brown rice flour. This substitution may require you to use other gluten-free and wheat-free ingredients in your... Read More »

Can i make a pizza base with just using flour and water?

Yes it's possible, but if your missing the yeast, try this1¾ cups self-raising flour ½ cup Parmesan cheese ¼ cup vegetable oil â…” cup boiling waterYou don't have to put the parmesan but its qui... Read More »

Can a food processor be used to prepare dough for pizza and rolls and other yeast products?

Food processors do not have "dough hooks" like stationary mixers like a "KitchenAid". The blades of a food processor are not equal to the task of blending dough. However, initial ingredients can be... Read More »