Can I marry if I'm on an F1 visa?

Answer As long as the persons getting married meet the legal requirements for marriage, there is nothing to prevent them doing so. Being on a student visa may, in fact, be beneficial, as it gives a legiti... Read More »

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How to Adjust the Status of Your G-4 Visa if You Marry a Citizen?

A G-4 visa holder is a foreign citizen who has entered the United States to fill his appointment at a designated international organization such as the United Nations. The United States Customs and... Read More »

Is it possible that with House driver visa i can get family visa in saudi ?

you will have to get your status on your papers to read key account manager IT.. because a house driveris not allowed to bring his family.. for one. house drivers are not paid enough to support a ... Read More »

Can i apply australia new visa now before old visa expire on september 2012?

depends what type of visa you have,there are many

Do I need visa for visiting Switzerland if I have valid UK visitor visa?

what is your nationality? where will you be flying from? are you simply visiting uk or do you study/work there? how long do you intend to stay in switzerland? better contact your nearest suisse emb... Read More »