Can I make weed brownies in a microwave oven?

Answer Yes, you can, but there usually not very big areas to cook inNo that delta9 tetrahydracanibinol (thc) Burns off at about 390degrees Farenheit. So dont go over that, even if the instructions on the... Read More »

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How to Make Brownies in the Microwave?

Brownies are a tasty chocolate treat. However they can take a while to make when they are cooked in an oven. Making brownies by microwave is a lot less time consuming, but still leaves a dazzling t... Read More »

How to Make Boston Brownies in the Microwave?

If you're too young to use an oven or don't have that much experience with cooking, then why not try this delicious dessert recipe by using the microwave.

How to Make Easy Microwave, Milk Free Brownies?

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Should I smoke weed or make pot brownies?

make pot brownies its healthier and you get way more stoned