Can I make a new account or no HELP!!!?

Answer It's not so much your account, it's your ip address that gets banned. So unless you get a new ip you've got no chance! Spamming is a bit pointless really...

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I Lost my Registration Code For My Barbie Girls Account. Is There Any I Could Use To Activiate My Account My Account. Please Help...........?

put i am not a member desing your avatar put your screen name and password secret answer next start all over again i do not have enithing to say thankyou

When you make a youtube account, does this mean you've made a Gmail account too?

Nope. You can link the two, but they are two separate entities.

Help .. To edit in Wikipedia ,I have to make a new account every day in Wikipedia to edit . Log in problem ..?

Sounds like you are not saving the cookie sent each time you sign up. Make sure you accept the cookie and that cookies aren't deleted every time you shut down the computer.

Gmail account help!!!?

U have to change your template to look it fine.