Can I live longer if I drink Mountain Dew?

Answer Are you serious? That stuff is loaded with mountain dew and sugar. If anything that will make your lifespan shorter.

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If you are 17 and no longer live with your legally appointed guardian can you have the guardianship changed to the person that you now live with?

Answer A 17-year-old has no legal standing to make the change. Only their parents or the court can make the change. The current legal gaurdian would have to petition the court for the change.

I drink Mountain Dew too much!?

500ml a day, and 1 week has 7 days. that's too much! still mountain dew is a soda. that contains caffeine. that is (in excessive amounts) is bad on our health. you should be addicted on gatorade in... Read More »

Can an 11 year old drink mountain dew kickstart?

I've heard it actually has less caffeine than regular mt dew. In moderation won't hurt. Just don't go crazy with it.

Can you drink Mountain Dew with a invisalign retainer?

Don't. The coloring in Mountain Dew, Mellow Yellow, and SunDrop will stain the trays. Also, if you are drinking regular (no sugar free) you will get lots of cavities.