Can I let all eczema (or similar skin condition) sufferers in on a little secret?

Answer Thank you so much for that kind tip.I have aloe vera plants that I use on burns. I'll have to try it on my skin problem and if that doesn't work then I will get some of this balm that you are tell... Read More »

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Is there a pregnancy related condition that is similar to optic neuritis?

Did you have an MRI with your last episode of ON? ON can often be a symptom of other autoimmune disorders, which might also have a roundabout link to APS. I would see a neurologist for sure. They m... Read More »

Eczema dead skin always on nose?

Nuke with betnovate, stick an alarm on your mobile to remind you to moisturise about 10 times a day.

How to Develop a Skin Care Routine for Eczema?

Eczema is one of the most painful skin conditions. When dry, cracked skin instantly becomes inflamed and itchy, the time has come to put a stop to eczema breakouts. A skin care routine can minimize... Read More »

If amyone has trouble with dry skin, eczema, priosis, etc i have a solution!?

Hi,Eczema is sometimes caused by eating things like shellfish, or sometimes caused by stress.Here is how they treat eczema in Japan. It really works, I have seen two people improve his skin condit... Read More »