Can I leave the rack in a GE self-cleaning oven when cleaning?

Answer In GE self-cleaning oven models, shiny, silver-colored oven racks should be removed before beginning the self-cleaning cycle. In contrast, gray, porcelain-coated racks can be left in the oven durin... Read More »

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Rack & Pinion Cleaning?

A pinion is a cogged wheel which meshes with a cogged bar called a rack. Rack and pinion steering utilizes these two mechanical devices and, since it mus be covered in grease, it is often in need o... Read More »

How do you fix a self-cleaning oven?

I have had good results with going onto the website for the brand and type of oven. Usually, you can determine what parts are needed and if the job is beyond you. In that case, you would call an el... Read More »

Can a Self-Cleaning Oven Hurt You?

Self-cleaning ovens are largely a great invention, as the function allows the oven to clean itself without much intervention from the owner. A self-cleaning oven cleans by raising the internal temp... Read More »

How to Clean a Non Self-Cleaning Gas Oven?

Although natural gas, unlike wood, burns cleanly, a gas oven requires regular cleaning to remove dust, dirt, white ash, food spills and any oil or grease clinging to oven surfaces. Cleaning your ga... Read More »