Can I learn to do nails while I'm already in college?

Answer Of course! If you go on YouTube, they probably have a lot of tutorials on how to do nails. I watch a lot of makeup tutorials and that's how I get great makeup skills. I always get compliments on my... Read More »

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How to Learn Gel Nails at Home?

Anyone can learn to create gel nails at home. It's easy to confuse gel and acrylic nails, so make sure you know what you want and understand the difference; they have a similar application process,... Read More »

Should I go on active duty first and then go to college or go reserves and go to college while in the air force?

That's a decision you need to weigh carefully and decide for yourself.

How to Learn to Silk Wrap Nails?

Like acrylic and gel, silk wrap is a type of artificial nail enhancement. Silk wraps are made from silk material, which is cut to fit the nails and glued onto them. First the nails are cleaned to r... Read More »

Have already learned HTML and Javascript but now i want to learn a programming language?

Though JavaScript is a programming language that Web browsers understand, it was originally developed by Netscape under the name LiveScript. JavaScript is a relatively simple programming language ... Read More »