Can I keep my wife out of the house during the divorce proceedings?

Answer On One Hand: The house goes to the parent with primary custody.As a father, you are likely to be able to keep your wife out of the house if you are awarded temporary primary custody of the children... Read More »

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Can my wife's name be put down on the house if she is unemployed?

An unemployed spouse's name can be put on the deed of a house. Title ownership is a separate issue from mortgages. However, it is not likely that someone unemployed would be approved for a mortgag... Read More »

How to Add Your Wife to the Mortgage Title on the House?

Two people unite in matrimony to share their lives together. Part of sharing your life means sharing your assets. If you have a home and want to add your wife to the mortgage title, it is a relativ... Read More »

Who is danny's wife on full house?

Danny's wife was Pam. She died before the show began in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. The only time the audience sees her is in an old movie showing them bringing Michelle home from the ... Read More »

What is wife's father's house called?

The English language does not have a special term for the house in which a wife's father lives. You would call is, simply, my father-in-law's house.