Can I keep my wife out of the house during the divorce proceedings?

Answer On One Hand: The house goes to the parent with primary custody.As a father, you are likely to be able to keep your wife out of the house if you are awarded temporary primary custody of the children... Read More »

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How to Keep Safe During a House Fire?

Knowing what to do during a fire in your home is vital to the survival of you and your family. The first priority is safety and as such, it is always important to have planned for any eventuality i... Read More »

How do you keep your house warm during Winter?

By not using British Gas. Don't care about your prices and deals as last time I had a billing problem it took 22 phone calls over more than 12 months to sort it out, and when I had a quote for a re... Read More »

How can you keep the house cool during the hot summer months cheaply?

Shade trees are a long term way, but it takes patience. Consider something fast growing and plant to shade windows/doors openings. Open windows during the night when the air is cooler - shutting t... Read More »

I have Boxelder bugs in my house and I keep killing themand they just keep coming back. HELP!!!!!?

The ducts would be too far from their natural food source which is box elder trees or maples or oaks. You just got that many into your building. In the warm spring they will blow your pad wit... Read More »