Can I just do sports and instead of workouts?

Answer I think it'd be fine if you just do sports and every so often(once or twice a week) do a workout.

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What are some workouts I can do without effecting my sports hernia?

Hello KZ,I will not send you hate mail. In your own words, however, I will let you know on no uncertain terms, if you are in a lot of pain from a possible hernia, deal with it. If you have this muc... Read More »

How can I make 2 youtube channels instead of just one?

Just create another account, but use a different username and email address.

Can I just do sports for exercise?

yea, i rock climb 10 hours a week and im in goo shape. being thin and tall is perfect for climbing! your lucky im short with bulcky muscle

Why do you hold it so long instead of just going to the bathroom?

Well, if it's cold at night and I'm *really* sleepy, I'll think about getting up for about half of a second (no longer). In the end, I always, always turn over and go to sleep. Sometimes, my urge t... Read More »