Can I install 32 Bit Windows 7 on a 64 Bit machine?

Answer it is very possible to do soevery 64bit machine supports 32bit os its a foolishness to do so as windows 7 64 bit can run 32bit softwaresthose are being custom installed in a separate folder names x... Read More »

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Can I install windows 2000 onto a xp machine?

The answer is usually YESWindows 2000 will certainly install on a machine that was ableto run Windows XP. Here's the Craveats(1) When you reinstall an operating system, you will need to reinstall... Read More »

How to install HP 4L on my Windows 7 and/or Windows XP Machine?

You can download the drivers for your HP LaserJet 4L printer directly from the HP (USA) website, my friend.Do be aware that there is no driver download for Windows 7. The download link tells you t... Read More »

How do i install windows xp on a vista ultimate machine with available partitions?

Check Your PartitionsClick "Start." Type "computer" into the search field. Click "Computer Management." Click "Storage," then "Disk Management." Review your hard drive and confirm that the area mar... Read More »

How to Add a Windows XP Machine to a Windows Vista Wired Network?

Although wired networks are less convenient than wireless ones, they are also significantly more secure. If you already have a network set up at home with Windows Vista machines, you may want to ad... Read More »