Can I infect my entire network with a virus?

Answer If you are all connected to one router (which has wifi signal from it), then yes, a virus could spread to any pc, from any wifi-connected device. Even though there's just as much of a chance that h... Read More »

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Will a virus infect other PCs on a wireless network?

PCs on a wireless network are vulnerable to virus infection over the network, especially on an unsecured wireless network. It is possible for a virus to travel from PC to PC on a wireless network, ... Read More »

Can a virus infect my cellphone or computer?

Your computer, yes.....Your cellphone, I dont think so, but Im not sure of that either.*

Does this virus infect Windows XP and Wnidows NT?

Answer Yes, i have Windows XP (Home Edition) OS and my laptop got hit by "Bloodhound" virus which will not let me do anything. The CPU utilization is always 100% and i am not able to launch any pro... Read More »

How long can a flu virus survive on a surface&infect a person?

It's possible for the influenza virus to survive on surfaces for up to eight hours. Touching a surface that contains live influenza virus poses a risk for infection, as transmission usually occurs ... Read More »