Can I increase shared video memory.?

Answer Yes adding another 4gb of ram will increase the available video ram.

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How can increase the video memory of my PCAnd where can i download free memory chips.?

Now having thought what other people previously wrote, actually there is a way to set video memory, if you are using onboard video.To increase video memory (shared RAM) you must enter the BIOS and ... Read More »

How to Change Shared Video Memory in the Phoenix Technologies BIOS?

The BIOS, basic input/output system, runs when you start your computer and is responsible for initiating certain hardware checks before the computer loads Windows into the temporary memory. If your... Read More »

Does a micro SD memory card increase memory for video or just photos?

32G is 32G regardless if it's micro or regular sd cards. Look in your manual towards the end of the back, it will tell you how much video your card will hold. I would not buy a 32G card. I would bu... Read More »

How to Increase Video Memory on Virtual PC?

The Virtual PC program enables a Mac computer to emulate a PC running the Windows operating system---if only in a window on the desktop as opposed to taking over the full screen. The video memory d... Read More »