Can I hook up a Mac 23 inch display to a G4?

Answer On One Hand: Incompatible PortsAccording to a review of the Apple 23-inch Cinema Display monitor, the monitor features only one input, and the sole video input on this monitor accepts Digital Video... Read More »

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How to Use a 27-Inch iMac as an External Display?

The 27-inch model of the iMac desktop computer can work as an external display for another computer. In order to use this feature, you will need to use a Mini DisplayPort cable. If the other comput... Read More »

MacBook pro (13-inch) with retina display?

I' would advise you to wait,even though it's just a rumor, chances are, it's likely to hold true that the rMBP 13inch will be releasing near the coming of October. Before you buy, know your option,... Read More »

When is the retina display MacBook pro 13 inch coming out?

Get the 13" MBP Retina and don't look back till 2016 for what is next.

How to get best display settings of lg 19 inch lcd me the calibration plzz?

assuming you have a 19 inch wide screen you should use 1440x900 resolution for a 19inch monitor. As for color and such, playing movies with real dark and real bright scenes will help you see whats... Read More »