Can I hook my TV to a Bose wave machine?

Answer You can hook your TV up to your Bose Wave system by connecting one end of the RCA cables into your TV's "audio out" jacks and the other end into the Wave system's "auxiliary" jacks.Source:Bose Wave... Read More »

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What Better Bose Wave music system or the Bose Acoustic Wave music systems as a a hifi system?

Seriously this isn't a cheap shot... Bose doesn't make hifi systems. I'm not hating on Bose, I'm just saying they're a lifestyle system. It's more about style then sound with them. To be honest,... Read More »

Can i add speakers to bose wave?

The Bose Wave music systems do not have a speaker jack, so adding speakers is not possible without altering the equipment. The Bose Wave speakers are meant to be exclusive, with sound big enough to... Read More »

Bose Wave Music System?

Hi. Bose is generally agreed to be below average when it comes to buying their products for home theater speakers.But the bottom line is if you like the sound of a particular set of speakers then t... Read More »

Is the Bose Wave dual voltage?

The Bose Wave is not dual voltage. The Bose Wave is only rated for 120-volt electricity, the electrical standard used in the United States and Canada. The Bose Wave is a compact radio and CD player... Read More »