Can I hear the music from LimeWire in my iPod?

Answer You can hear music from LimeWire on your iPod. Move the file from your hard drive into the iTunes music library, connect your iPod and move the file into your iPod playlist. Depending on your LimeW... Read More »

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How do you put music on an ipod and you already have the music from LimeWire and on you itunes?

Your iPod should automatically synchronize when you plug it into your computer. If it doesn't, try re-installing your drivers.

How do I copy music from Limewire to my iPod?

Putting music from LimeWire onto an iPod is quite simple. You must have a media player application on your computer and the iPod's USB sync cable. The music from LimeWire must be formatted correctl... Read More »

Can you download music to an ipod directly from limewire?

1. Open LimeWire and iTunes. Make sure your iPod is connected and it shows on the iTunes window.2. Go to your library in LimeWire, and highlight the songs you want to download.3. Drag the highlited... Read More »

How do I download music to an iPod Touch from Limewire?

Download MusicLaunch Limewire and search for the desired audio files. Double-click the music files within the search results to begin downloading the files to your hard drive. By default, the music... Read More »