Can I have whisky and then Gin?

Answer yes! and it gets you wasted! drink less altogether so you wont be bloated and you save money in bars! i do it all the time so go for it!!!

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How to Make Whisky Log?

An easy snack or after-dinner treat for the holiday season, these little logs have a delightful whisky bite to them! Here is how to make them.Makes 2 logs.

Can someone recommend a whisky?

If he likes Glenfiddich then he should like Glenlivet, it's a similar strength of flavour.Otherwise, look at the Scottish 'Single Malt' types in shops and get any of the reasonably popular ones. (... Read More »

Does scotch whisky go bad?

On One Hand: No, It Won't Go BadHigh-proof liquors such as Scotch won't go bad in the same way that, say, creamy liqueurs will. Scotch's alcohol content will prevent the kind of bacteria growth tha... Read More »

What is Scotch whisky?

Scotch whisky is a spirit distilled from grains that may or may not be blended and must be aged in wooden barrels. In the United Kingdom, Scotch whisky often goes by the name whisky, and in the Uni... Read More »