How to Call for Roadside Assistance on Cell Phone?

Answer If you are stranded with a broken-down car and have your cell phone, calling for roadside assistance can bring expert help and peace of mind. Most major cell phone providers offer a roadside assist... Read More »

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Does AAA provide roadside assistance as you travel across the country?

AAA membership provides roadside assistance to drivers throughout the United States and Canada. AAA has the largest roadside assistance network in the world with 13,000 contracted garages in the U.... Read More »

Which is the best car breakdown and roadside assistance provider in India?

Its depend on what segment car you are talking about.Hatchback -Maruti is #1 and then Toyota has better service for roadside assistance. Sedan - All BMW and Mercedes has good service.

What is the number for directory assistance?

Telephone companies use 411 as the most common number for directory assistance, both local and national. Although a free call at one time, there is now a charge for directory assistance. However, ... Read More »

How to do an emergency roadside stop?

Signal your intentions, realize the main road so your vehicle is a minimum of one foot and ideally three feet beyond the travel lane. activate your four approach Emergency Hazard Flashers. If it's ... Read More »