National insurance number but don't have a card but need your number?

Answer You need to contact your local DWP authority or HM revenue office and fill out an application form to get a replacement card.You are only allowed ONE replacement card.See : Read More »

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American phones have three letters per number on the number pad. What do the Chinese do?

they will certainly have local language(japanese, chinese,korean) over the number keys...if you buy in those countries..

I lost my sim card then i have locked that mobile number, can anyone get the same phone number as i had?

ya its is possible the mobile number can recycle and came for fresh people after a certain period

How to Use Sparks on Google+?

This article has been marked as historical. Google Plus replaced Sparks with Explore. Many features are now different. Learn more about Explore on Google Plus here. (Posted 2012-07-03).Sparks is a ... Read More »

I have had a number call me a few times today. Does anyone know of a good reverse number search site..........?