What are some fun date ideas for teens on a rainy day in northern ohio?

Answer Go roller or ice skating.Visit the Cleveland Museum of Art, which has free admission, or other University Attractions, such as the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.Go the West Side Market, the R... Read More »

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I have some ideas for?

Since you seem to have a band,a video of you should be great.Everyone likes music.

Help, I have a date and I need ideas of what to do.. there's no cinema here, so heeeeelp pleaseee?

Enjoy authentic dishes at restaurants is an interesting idea for you. There are so many restaurants here. I think you should try to find your favorite restaurants easily.This smar... Read More »

Do you have any suggestions on some ideas for unique cabinet knobs?

for a kitchen something like old silverware or old faucet handles

Is it normal if you are six weeks pregnant and have been having some sharp sudden pains some low in your abdomen and some up towards your ribs but you have had no blood?

Answer I am also six weeks and have experienced the same thing. It may be what is called "round ligament pain". Here's a page that will explain it..... Read More »