Ladies i have some very sad news?

Answer aww I am so sorry to hear this. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope sunday goes well for you. Stay strong and don't give up on ttc!

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Girls I have some very exciting news :)?

Oh my god! Congratulations :). I am beyond happy for you. I don't think your chances of having a second m/c are any higher than if this was your first pregnancy. Sending you lots and lots and lots ... Read More »

Breaking News Regarding The Swine Flu Outbreak: What Does Level 5 Mean In Layman's Terms?

level 5 means that a pandemic is imminent (bound to happen). prepare yourself and everyone you know. this has spread VERY quickly and is worldwide. i'm going out to buy Lysol I.C. and purell and wi... Read More »

Want to share some baby dust and some news (along with a pic)!!!!!!! :-D?

Congratulations!! I had an early miscarriage in October 2008, and I was SO nervous when we got pregnant again. Everything was fine though, and my baby girl is now a chubby 3 month old. :)Hugs!!

There have been news scares over the years of bodies of children found in abandoned refrigerators in what appear to be group suicides is this true or some sort of scare story to frighten kids?

Infants have around 80ml per kilogram blood volume (although the range can be from 50-100ml'kg). This steadily drops to the adult values of 50-70ml/kg. A 6 month old infant weighing approx 6 kg wo... Read More »