Why do some people have a hard time asking for advice?

Answer Because some people have a large ego or have trust issues.

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I want to have some advice as to what message to write to someone on a dying bed?

Remind her of a time that you two were together that was especially happy and meaningful...graduation, a trip, a wedding, whatever. Then tell her that that you will always cherish such memories of ... Read More »

I have lost 30 pounds due to throat cancer and want to gain it back, i need some advice?

You need to be drinking protein powders with milk and drinking ensure to supplement your protein intake. Just eat a good rounded diet too. Unfortunately, you'll probably be dealing with this for ... Read More »

I think that I have bipolar disorder and I need some help and advice I am not sure what I should do?

Bipolar disorder which is what it is now called (used to be called manic depression) is a mood disorder which effects a persons mood and is caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. In bipolar di... Read More »

Is it normal if you are six weeks pregnant and have been having some sharp sudden pains some low in your abdomen and some up towards your ribs but you have had no blood?

Answer I am also six weeks and have experienced the same thing. It may be what is called "round ligament pain". Here's a page that will explain it..... Read More »