Can I have sex after a uterine ablation?

Answer On One Hand: Wait At Least Two to Three WeeksAfter an endometrial ablation, or uterine ablation, a woman will experience bleeding and discharge for a period of time. Alana Healthcare For Women reco... Read More »

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Can uterine ablation be done while on a period?

On One Hand: Can Be Performed During MenstruationUterine ablation, also known as endometrial ablation, is the nonsurgical removal or destruction of the lining of the uterus. As a less invasive proc... Read More »

Would you have catheter ablation for Afib after reading

Well I hate to say it after reading this but I had Afib and they did an ablation on me. Problem is that after I had it done my Afib seemed to worsen and my heart rate hit the sky. When I called 9... Read More »

Menopause After Ablation?

If a woman experiences heavy menstrual bleeding, treatments are available to lighten or stop the bleeding. Endometrial ablation is one option a doctor may recommend that does not cause the early on... Read More »

Skipping heart beats after an ablation?

A focus is the originating area of certain arrhythmias (Focal arrhythmias like PVCs and PACs, some VTs and AT). This isn't the most perfect analogy, but imagine that your heart is like a pond that ... Read More »