Can I have roti on Atkins?

Answer On One Hand: Make Whole Wheat RotisIt's almost unimaginable to think of a traditional Indian meal without its bread, or roti. Along with vegetables or meat in a curry sauce and rice, rotis are a st... Read More »

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What is roti?

Synonymous with the Indian subcontinent, roti is a Middle Eastern flat bread that's distinguished by its cheapness, versatility and ease of preparation. These factors have made roti a staple in mil... Read More »

How to Make Roti?

Roti is an Indian-origin flat wheat bread that is made and eaten fresh.

How do you make Roti?

Roti is type of bread made out of wheat dough,that is eaten with curries and vegetables .In India it is made on daily basis for meals. The easiest recipie for plain Roti or chapati( other name for ... Read More »

What kind of food is roti?

Roti is a type of flat bread that contains no leavening, such as baking powder or yeast. Roti is very common in Indian and Asian cuisines, but many African and Caribbean nations, such as Trinidad, ... Read More »