Can I have private health insurance& Medicare?

Answer In a nutshell: you can have private insurance in addition to Medicare. There are several parts to Medicare coverage. Once you are eligible for Medicare coverage, Medicare will become your primary p... Read More »

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Being on disability at age 57 how can you get health insurance or medicare since you cannot work?

Double check with your local Social Security office to find out about your eligibilty for Medicare. Generally, after you are on Social Security Disability for two years, you are eligible for Medica... Read More »

Do you have to sign up for Medicare at age 65 if you are covered by a group health insurance?

As far as I know, Medicare does not require you to sign up. However, your group health insurance will almost certainly require you to do so.

Can an employer exclude employees on Medicare from health insurance?

Medicare is designed to be a secondary form of insurance, while employer-provided health insurance is considered primary. Employers with 20 or more employees must extend health care coverage to all... Read More »

How to Get Private Health Insurance?

Most adults get their health insurance from their employer or their spouse's employer. However, if you are unemployed or single, you may not have that option. Legislation was passed in 2010 that ma... Read More »