Can I have my wisdom teeth removed while I am pregnant?

Answer All elective dental treatments should be done after you have given birth. Any dental extraction should be done when pregnant only if it is urgent to remove b/c the meds that the doc gives you... Read More »

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Is it safe to have wisdom teeth removed under anesthetic or laughing gas while pregnant?

Answer that is a question only your doctor can answer. It would probably depend on what was used and any meds taken. Answer I totally agree with the above poster. Usually your doctor would tel... Read More »

Can you have your wisdom teeth taken out while pregnant?

Answer That is totally up to your obstitrician/gynecologist. Generally a dentist won't do anything until they have a written ok from him/her to procede with any treatment. Your obstitrician/gynecol... Read More »

Is it ok to have your wisdom teeth taken out while pregnant and taking iron pills?

That is up to your dentist and ob/gyn. They will both probably say to wait until the baby is born, but it's possible that they will both say it's OK for you. Answer It is better to wait after you h... Read More »

Do I have to get my Wisdom Teeth removed?

Only if they are impacted. If you have an x-ray of your teeth, then go ahead and look at it. If you see your 3rd molars ( wisdom teeth ) coming in not straight like this " | " but like " / " into t... Read More »