Can I have my wisdom teeth removed while I am pregnant?

Answer All elective dental treatments should be done after you have given birth. Any dental extraction should be done when pregnant only if it is urgent to remove b/c the meds that the doc gives you... Read More »

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Is it safe to have wisdom teeth removed under anesthetic or laughing gas while pregnant?

Answer that is a question only your doctor can answer. It would probably depend on what was used and any meds taken. Answer I totally agree with the above poster. Usually your doctor would tel... Read More »

Wisdom teeth surgically removed. Any words of wisdom?

eat lots of fresh pineapple (not the canned kind) two weeks before hand. it prevents swelling, trust me!and cancel all your plans for the next three days. all you will want to do is lie on the couc... Read More »

Is it possible for an adult to not need any wisdom teeth removed if they've never grown in or threatened the growth of the other teeth?

Answer If you have wisdom teeth and they haven't come in normally, you need to have them removed. And possiblly even if they have come in. They are so far back it's very hard to keep them properly ... Read More »

Have to get Wisdom Teeth Removed- pls HELP!?

I am 23 and I have my wisdom teeth. They have fully come in for me and since I have room for them I do not need them pulled. If they break through the surface and come in without effecting your oth... Read More »