Can I have my doctor perscribe me medicine for my intense menstrol pains?

Answer Just tell your doctor the next time you're in for a physical. It might be a bit embarrassing, especially because he's a man, but believe me, he's heard it before. You might want to keep a pain jo... Read More »

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Chest pains., went to doctor?

Typical signs of a heart attack are crushing chest pain (often radiating to the left arm, jaw or back), shortness of breath, nausea, profuse sweating, and pale skin. If you feel any of these sympto... Read More »

I have really bad knee pains been to the doctor 3 times?

Let's start with the easy part, your hip pains. They are caused when tight muscles in your lower back are pressed into the nerves leaving the spine that go to the hips which sends the pains into t... Read More »

What Is a Doctor of Internal Medicine?

Doctors of internal medicine, commonly called internists, devote their skills to the diagnosis and treatment of problems involving internal organs, and most often treat adults. General internists a... Read More »

How to Get a Doctor of Medicine Degree?

A Doctor of Medicine degree is a graduate degree certifying that a student has completed and fulfilled the requirements in a graduate-level medical program. To become eligible for a medical program... Read More »