Can I have dual citizenship with the Netherlands?

Answer Yes, dual citizenship is allowed in the Netherlands, as over 1.1 million people of Dutch nationality have citizenship in more than one country. Nearly half of those dual citizenship people have a M... Read More »

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Does the Netherlands have a dual citizenship policy?

On April 1, 2003, the Kingdom of the Netherlands enacted an amendment to its Netherlands Nationality Act. This amendment established the policy of dual citizenship, which states that Dutch dual cit... Read More »

Can a Canadian citizen have a dual citizenship with the U.S.?

A Canadian citizen can have dual citizenship with the United States. Both the U.S. Department of State and Citizenship and Immigration of Canada recognize dual citizenship. Canadian citizenship law... Read More »

Does trinidad have dual citizenship with the u.s.?

A person can have dual citizenship in both the United States and Trinidad and Tobago under certain conditions. Because Trinidad and Tobago passed a Dual Citizenship Act in 1988, a person born in Tr... Read More »

Do Argentinians have dual citizenship with Spain?

Argentinians can have dual citizenship with Spain. Argentina is otherwise restrictive and does not allow dual citizenship. Spain has several such dual-citizenship agreements with countries that it ... Read More »