Can I have coronary blockage when my cholesterol is good?

Answer It is possible to have coronary blockage with normal levels of cholesterol. Plaque build-up occurs in the arteries due to the cholesterol levels in the blood. Even normal levels can cause build-up,... Read More »

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How are practitoners able to diagnose coronary artery blockage?

A licensed Naturopathic physician will diagnose CAD the same way a medical doctor would. The only difference is in the treatment. A licensed Naturopathic physician may prescribe medications and c... Read More »

How to Raise Good Cholesterol and Lower Bad Cholesterol?

Lowering your bad cholesterol 10 percent can decrease your chance of a heart attack or stroke by 20 percent, Harvard Medical School says. Bad cholesterol can collect on and under artery walls and c... Read More »

When on a low cholesterol diet, how much cholesterol can one consume?

Although it's not easy to determine how much cholesterol you can have on a low cholesterol diet--you need to work this out with your doctor and nutritionist--the American Heart Association says you... Read More »

What healthy foods should you eat when you have REALLY high cholesterol?

I was just put on a high cholesterol diet too but my doctor gave me a list of what I can and cannot eat. Your doctor sucks for not giving you one. Here's mine from my paper:Only eat 5 ounces of p... Read More »