How old does a child have to be to choose to live with another relative in another state?

Answer Answer A minor -- that is, anyone under the legal age of 18 -- can't chose with whom to live. He or she can have a parent or guardian petition to be heard by the court and in some cases they them... Read More »

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Ive had two c sections then a normal birthdo you have to have a c section if you have another child?

Well, you could request a c-section if you really want it, but otherwise, it will only be performed if labor complications are present

Do you have to have another data plan for iPad if you already have iphone 4?

Most likely the company that made the phone (apple store)

How long do you have to wait to have another cigarette when your done having one?

Depends, usually an hour and a half at max, sometimes I'll chain two in a row though. I actually tore the filter off of my last cig to give my body some extra love from the nicotine =3EDIT: althoug... Read More »

Do you have to live in the same household to have another person on your auto insurance?

Answer No. I had a friend who shared the car insurance with me and he used to live in another county.