I have another privacy question?

Answer It is illegal for isp providers to track individual users access.

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I asked about my ankle before but have another question?

Broken bones dont usually swell. You most likely sprained your ankle

Ok another silly question ... does hawaii have any railroads on it?

Yes, I know there is one in Maui but don't know much about it.However, I was stationed for 10 years in Hawaii and did volunteer work at the Hawaii railroad historical society. They keep and restore... Read More »

Ok sorry for another question - but this is a nipple question - can you help me?

im all excited for u hunni, my god i wish i had ur nipples *huh, shocked look* but u know what i a huge hug and lots of baby dust ur way, hunni if u dnt get ur bfp this month i will ... Read More »

How old does a child have to be to choose to live with another relative in another state?

Answer A minor -- that is, anyone under the legal age of 18 -- can't chose with whom to live. He or she can have a parent or guardian petition to be heard by the court and in some cases they them... Read More »