Can I have an AMD processor for high speed service?

Answer High-speed cable and DSL Internet services require a minimum processor speed between approximately 233 and 400 MHz. Most AMD processors manufactured since the late 1990s are far faster and more tha... Read More »

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Does AOL have high-speed Internet service?

As of 2010, America Online does not offer any high-speed broadband Internet services, just dial-up access. However, it does offer supplementary dial-up services, such as limited dial-up access for ... Read More »

Can DSL modems be used for a high-speed dial-up service?

On One Hand: DSL is DifferentDSL, or "digital subscriber line," uses a different method to connect to the Internet over a telephone line than dial-up Internet. A DSL Internet connection is delivere... Read More »

Can you have high speed Internet without phone service?

You do not need a phone line for high-speed Internet service. Cable, Wi-Fi wireless and satellite Internet do not require phone lines. DSL broadband Internet service requires a physical phone line,... Read More »

Is NetZero high-speed 3G a broadband service?

According to the NetZero website, NetZero HiSpeed 3G is not a form of broadband. It is a dial-up service with special features to optimize the download speed of websites and graphics. NetZero HiSpe... Read More »