Can I have an AMD processor for high speed service?

Answer High-speed cable and DSL Internet services require a minimum processor speed between approximately 233 and 400 MHz. Most AMD processors manufactured since the late 1990s are far faster and more tha... Read More »

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Does AOL have high-speed Internet service?

As of 2010, America Online does not offer any high-speed broadband Internet services, just dial-up access. However, it does offer supplementary dial-up services, such as limited dial-up access for ... Read More »

Can you have high speed Internet without phone service?

You do not need a phone line for high-speed Internet service. Cable, Wi-Fi wireless and satellite Internet do not require phone lines. DSL broadband Internet service requires a physical phone line,... Read More »

Do you think the United States should have high speed rail train service?

Yes, definitely. We need to get off our dependence on oil. Many people here are saying it wouldn't be profitable. Well, is the interstate highway system profitable? How many hundreds of billion... Read More »

How can I get high speed internet without a landline I have DirecTV satellite service and the only thing they offer is DSL which requires a landline?

AnswerDirecTV also has the ability to bundle your television service with High-Speed Satellite Internet. Their High-Speed Satellite Internet is powered by Wildblue and requires a second satellite d... Read More »