Why label "useless" nutrition fact?

Answer Because people will search the whole thing and be like, "how much vitiam a is in this, it doesn't say?" So they list it as 0 to assure that it's 0.

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Do you want to share a useless fact about music?

Alice In Chains origanal name was "f*ck", and they played several shows under the name and word says they handed out condoms to the audience with the phrase "F*ck the band" on the wrappers.

What is the most useless item you have ever bought for your home ?

No, I'm not being smug. But I'm not the impulsive buying type. If I can't justify it, then I don't buy it. But I still have plenty of stuff that are hardly used, but they are "second homed". I have... Read More »

Why do so many large, successful companies have such useless, cluttered, annoying websites?

Because they are trying to capitalize on the internet without caring what the customers think. Have you checked out the Foodnetwork website? Those guys are idiots! They have so many damn adds on th... Read More »

I just gave birth 3 weeks ago.People want to visit us.I'm useless in kitchen.Do I have to serve food?

NO!!! In fact, most people who are coming will ask if you "need" anything. Tell them YES! This is one time when you SHOULD take advantage of their offers. Tell them to bring something to eat (b... Read More »