Can I have a tissue?

Answer I'll buy the kleenex factory if needed...

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How to Have Fun With a Tissue?

Have you always thought that you can use tissues for only one thing? Well, you are wrong; you can use them for multiple things, like these for example.

I have scar tissue on my lip?

Yes, there are some ways to remove the scar tissue. Surgery is one way.

If you have scar tissue from a surgery you had 20 years ago that needs to be removed but have never been treated for can your insurance deem it as pre-existing?

AnswerI would think so, however be sure to check the definition in your policyCA Insurance Code � 10700 q) "Preexisting condition provision" means a policy provision that excludes coverage for ch... Read More »

Do all plants have vascular tissue?

Not all plants have vascular tissues. The vascular system allows water and nutrients to flow into most plants through a complex inner structure of tubes and cells. In nonvascular plants, including ... Read More »