If you get iphone 4 and some other person doesnt can you still have face time with that person?

Answer The Face Time feature of iPhone 4 only works iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi. No other devices will work with it. The only way for Face Time with your non-iPhone 4 wielding friends is to physically... Read More »

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Does a person have to have perfect credit to get a surety bond?

On One Hand: Perfect Credit Isn't NecessaryMaintaining perfect credit, or even really good credit, always helps when it comes to getting a surety bond. However, it isn't strictly necessary for you ... Read More »

Am i the only person that it bothers not to have as many stars as questions i have asked?

Do you have to live in the same household to have another person on your auto insurance?

Answer No. I had a friend who shared the car insurance with me and he used to live in another county.

Does a child day care person have to have a physical?

A child day-care worker may be required to obtain a physical as part of the hiring process. This ensures that the day-care center does not hire a person who is a drug user, or who has physical limi... Read More »