For the last past two 2 months your period has been irregular and it is usually regular Also you have been very emotinally doing a lot of crying and wanted things that you absolutely hate?

Answer it does sound like a sign but your periods could just be altered due to stress and worrying, and possibly birth control, and your emotions could mean anything , these thing may just be in your head... Read More »

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Have you ever bought, or been given 2nd hand things for your child, that you used?

Hand-me-downs and charity shop stuff saved me a lot of money for my daughter.I was given lots of clothes and used the majority of it. The stuff I didn't use was either things that didn't suit my d... Read More »

What was the name of the show that featured the leading man that liked to draw cartoon characters He may have been an artist. He had two daughters and a young guy that may have moved in upstairs.?

as distinct from Cartoons- there were ony two regular tv programs- both situation comedies which were about the life and times of a Cartoonist. One was He and She and the strip he drew was called (... Read More »

Why does the ghost of Christmas Past show Scrooge show shadows of things that have been?

Because the past ghost wants Scrooge to be a good person. Past ghost uses Scrooge's very own painful memories against him, as a kind of a way to show him what poor people suffered in the time of th... Read More »

How do you tell your parents that you and your cousin have been in love for a long time and plan on bigger things?

If you are under the age of 18 in most States you are minors and therefore, your parents can put a stop to your relationship. Some scientists agree that cousins can marry and have normal children. ... Read More »