How to Hide the Fact That You Have a Facebook Account?

Answer Have you ever had a sibling or a family member deny your privilege of having a Facebook account? (or Twitter, Myspace, Google Plus....You get the point.) So you end up hiding it, and using it secre... Read More »

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Is this a fact that I will simply have to accept?

Definitely not. You can never guess what's next in life.

Fact or Myth: It is true Bad weather can cause people have 'Migraine'?

in my opinion i think it's true why? I used to have migraines when it would rain every single time it rained i'd tell my friend to go check outside to see if it was raining or not and each time it ... Read More »

I have had the Ñ•hits horrible for days now. In fact, I'm typing while on a bedpan. Any remedies to suggest?

Just put the webcam at the bottom of the bedpan and have at it!! No need to thank me!

Do you accept the fact of giving your unborn son up for adoption because hes two months away and you have no job or car or savings?

No. I would rather you give them up for adoption than something worse happening to the child. I would wait until the child is born though before making the decision. A lot can happen in 2 months. Y... Read More »