How dumb do you have to be to take a loan you can't service or repay?

Answer Yeah you are kinda right it has fault on both parties, The banks for not explaining to people that want a house the difference between fixed rate or adjustable rate(some first time home buyers) did... Read More »

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Not to sound dumb but, What kind of alarm clock do deaf people have?

hmm thats actually a really good question. Probably an alarm clock that shakes or vibrates that they can place under their pillow or mattress....actually i found a website with one just like it.htt... Read More »

Aussies have you been watching the 'Dumb, drunk and racist' program on ABC2?

It's a great show, I laugh & cry, feel proud & ashamed, it's not one sided, it tells it like it is, you can watch it online here...…International students ... Read More »

Can you name 2 tv shows that where so dumb & silly but you couldn't help but laugh & have fun ->?

What are some dumb things people have said or asked about your baby?

I have 3 boys (who I LOVE dearly. Boys are fun) but people constantly ask me "oh are you going to try again for a girl?" or "oh I bet you wish you had a girl" and it's like no actually I love havin... Read More »