Can I have 2 Anti-virus programs in one computer?

Answer Top 10 ways you can destroy your PC while fighting with viruses10. Use several different anti viruses, anti spyware and/or firewalls on one PC."They will work better together.", "I will have more p... Read More »

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How to Close Anti-Virus Programs on a Computer?

In most cases, you should not disable your anti-virus program; however, if you need to troubleshoot network connection problems, or want to install certain software programs, you can temporarily di... Read More »

Does anyone know any free programs that give-you free anti virus for your computer, programs and Internet? is the home page for avast. I followed the site and you can download the software at this site… Read More »

How Do Anti-Virus Programs Detect & Identify a Virus?

Anti-virus programs detects a virus in two ways. The first is through a list or database of known viruses that are encoded into their signature or pattern files. The second is through a complex pro... Read More »

What is the best anti-virus/anti-spyware security package for my computer?

No single anti virus program is perfect. A friend's PC was hacked several months ago and several viruses left on his PC. We ran three different scan programs on it and each found different viruses!... Read More »