Can I hallucinate because of drinking bleach?

Answer Bleach will kill you, carcinogen is something that produces cancer, lighter fluid isnt for consumption. I suggest you dont trip at all cause youre sort of being stupid.

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Is drinking bleach bad for you?

You're probably just having withdrawals or an allergic reaction from all the drugs you took. Don't say you didn't because a.) you were at a black light party b.) you don't remember what happened an... Read More »

How Much Bleach Should I Use to Make Drinking Water Safe in a Cistern?

Anyone who has ever had to clean house has likely had to use bleach at one point or another. Bleach serves numerous common household purposes; perhaps its most important purpose is as a powerful di... Read More »

What are some legal ways to hallucinate?

Stay awake for four or five days in a row with absolutely no sleep.

Does the swine flu vaccine make you dizzy and hallucinate?

There were some reports of dizziness and confusion among some Japanese teenagers who got the vaccination, along with some who had other neurological symptoms including hallucination. The side effe... Read More »