Can I hallucinate because of drinking bleach?

Answer Bleach will kill you, carcinogen is something that produces cancer, lighter fluid isnt for consumption. I suggest you dont trip at all cause youre sort of being stupid.

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Is drinking bleach bad for you?

You're probably just having withdrawals or an allergic reaction from all the drugs you took. Don't say you didn't because a.) you were at a black light party b.) you don't remember what happened an... Read More »

Can i get drunk drinking gas because it contains ethonal?

You can get dead from drinking gas. Long before you could get drunk. Wouldn't try it if I were you.

How Much Bleach Should I Use to Make Drinking Water Safe in a Cistern?

Anyone who has ever had to clean house has likely had to use bleach at one point or another. Bleach serves numerous common household purposes; perhaps its most important purpose is as a powerful di... Read More »

I've missed my period by 3 days and suspect I'm pregnant. I'm concerned because my urine is a bright concentrated yellow even though I'm drinking a ton of water. Is that normal?

Answer well you might just have an urinary infection you should check with your doctor!AnswerAre you taking a multivitamin by any chance? Answer I have no idea if you are pregnant, but as far as... Read More »